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Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to outstanding palliative and end of life care.

Equality, diversity & inclusivity

We believe that everyone has the right to be treated equally, and with dignity and respect. We want to create a culture that is inclusive, nurtures talent and allows every individual the opportunity to flourish and reach their full potential.

ED&I must be at the heart of how we recruit, train, develop and retain our people. We have created an ED&I Strategy which outlines our plans and ambitions.

Our commitment to sustainability

We care with compassion for our patients and families, for our volunteers, donors, sponsors and customers, and we care for our wider community. How they see the world and what matters to them is what matters to us.

With compassion at our core, we are committed to minimising the environmental impact and carbon footprint connected to our care out in our community and at our facilities

Leadership Framework

Great leadership at all levels, and in all parts of our organisation, underpins our vision to make death a part of life, and our mission to ensure that everyone has access to palliative and end of life care.

Our Leadership Framework outlines the behaviours we expect from our managers and our people. It provides a common language and a set of principles in order for each of us to role-model excellence and develop our leadership capability; allowing us all to thrive at work and reach our full potential.

We have a set of three values which we consider throughout out daily work life, helping us all work together towards our mission.

We Care

  • with compassion, because we believe every life is precious and we are trusted to do the best we can for our patients and families.

  • for our volunteers, donors, sponsors and customers who make our work possible.

  • for one another with compassionate, purposeful and authentic leadership.

We Connect

  • with other health and wellbeing organisations because we believe that working together, we can achieve more for our community.

  • with all of our community with openness and understanding of how they see the world, and what matters to them.

  • with each other and across our organisation to deliver excellence.

We Create

  • a safe space for people to openly talk about death and dying.

  • a supportive work environment where our staff have the confidence to show initiative and innovate.

  • opportunities to innovate, learn and develop together.

Opportunities available